• Solutions For Dealing With Hovering Parents

    This style of parenting has been called overprotective, over-controlling and over-perfecting. Even though today’s parents have good intentions, they often parent from a place of fear, anxiety, guilt and peer pressure. As a martial arts professional, you must be prepared to meet these parents head on so you can relate to them and retain your students.

  • Plotting A New Course! The MAIA Launch Program And The Schools It Propelled To Success

    The MAIA Launch program was built, in part to dispel the myth that getting more bodies through the front door is an automatic marker of success. The program focuses on the reality that making adjustments to the way a martial arts school is running can completely change the trajectory of that school.

  • Why Do I Need A Weapons Curriculum?

    See how you can incorporate Rudolph's advice into your curriculum boasting revenue and retention rates.

  • Understanding Children’s Stages of Development

    Many children’s sports and activities put together training programs that are presumed “universal” for all ages and abilities. The problem is that children learn and grow in different stages and, in order to maximize learning and growing, the training regimens need to follow these guidelines accordingly.

  • In The Classroom - April 2017

    If there's one person who understands the psychology of black belts, it's Dave Kovar. Gain some valuable insight into his mindset of promoting black belts and the lasting message he instills in them at graduation.

  • 50 Things Every Instructor Should Know

    While not totally comprehensive, here is a list of 50 things every instructor should know. These require no more talent. Some are whimsical; some are essential...

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