• Solutions For Dealing With Hovering Parents

    This style of parenting has been called overprotective, over-controlling and over-perfecting. Even though today’s parents have good intentions, they often parent from a place of fear, anxiety, guilt and peer pressure. As a martial arts professional, you must be prepared to meet these parents head on so you can relate to them and retain your students.

  • Plotting A New Course! The MAIA Launch Program And The Schools It Propelled To Success

    The MAIA Launch program was built, in part to dispel the myth that getting more bodies through the front door is an automatic marker of success. The program focuses on the reality that making adjustments to the way a martial arts school is running can completely change the trajectory of that school.

  • Why Do I Need A Weapons Curriculum?

    See how you can incorporate Rudolph's advice into your curriculum boasting revenue and retention rates.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Start an After-School Martial Arts Program

    After-school programs have provided many schools with a chance to get started on their full-time teaching journey. For others, it's been an additional source of revenue and way to serve their local communities. Gain insight from Stan Lee, creator of BlackBeltPrinciples.com, as he dives into the top 10 reasons to start an after-school martial arts program.

  • Four Steps to Selling – Learn How to Close the Deal

    When running a martial arts school, it is essential to know how to get new students. The problem with a lot of schools is that they know how to get in front of people or get a lot of leads, but they don’t necessarily know how to convert those leads into committed students. Collecting names and numbers is an essential first step, but you have to be able to get those prospective students to keep coming back.

  • Easy Marketing Ideas

    As martial arts school owners, we tend to know our trade very well but sometimes don’t really understand the business side of what we do. Sometimes, it helps to go back to the basics. Here are 10 easy to execute marketing idea to help you out.

  • Checklists for Communicating with Parents and Students

    Aside from teaching great classes, communication with students and parents is a vital part of maintaining a great program. There are different strategies for talking to junior students, their parents and adult students, however.

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